Fogatti is an internationally recognized leader in RV travel and outdoor camping supplies! Over the past two decades, we've stayed on top of customer needs by constantly innovating with our R&D team, perfecting quality control standards in production, and offering unmatched service. Now operating across 50+ countries around the globe reason why Fogatti stands out from other industry players - let’s explore them together!

Get ready to ditch your outdated kitchen and bathroom appliances! Tecasa, spawned from the Fogatti factory, is on a mission to revolutionize home cooking and bathing. With a team of over 500 individuals spanning 12,000 square meters, they've earned the prestigious ISO 9000 certification in 2015 and expanded their reach to the United States, Europe, and Australia. Their innovation has even been rewarded with 69 appliance patents, 16 being utility-model patents!

Upgrade your water heating experience with Mizudo - the sister brand of Fogatti! Their dedicated team of engineers, boasting 10+ years of combined experience in hot water product development, bring you cost-effective and reliable products for over 60 brands worldwide. OEM/ODM/JDM solutions are just a few of the many advantages that come from choosing their small and medium liter products. Get ready to take a dip in luxury!

PowerGuru was founded in 2022, focusing on mobile energy storage and clean energy areas. Benefiting from Fogatti's extensive accumulation of RV and camping appliances, one of our brother brand, we can better understand the concerns and pain points of users when they use portable power supplies, solar energy, inverters, and other products. Therefore, we can upgrade products with the belief of continuously optimizing to achieve the best in the industry.

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